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Thobey Campion
Writer and Inventor

Hi, I am Thobes.

I live in Los Angeles where
 I build stories and software with my trusty cat Megabyte. 

My work has been awarded 13 Webbys, 2 Clios and a Cannes Lion.
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I use emerging tools to tell new types of stories that (hopefully) bring us humans together. 

I am currently building Lore Machine, a visualization system that transforms story text like screenplays, books and articles - into multimedia experiences. Lore Machine's studio produces AI-collaborative projects for a growing roster of partners.  

The precursor to Lore Machine is a collection of graphic novel adaptations based on public domain works like Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner​, and Clifford D. Simak's Contraption

I am the former Head of Publishing at VICE Media. I am also the founder and former Publisher of science & technology channel Motherboard.

I have orchestrated content-led experiences for brands like Intel and Harley-Davidson. 

Other projects include consciousness experiment The Gateway and The CryptoLexicon, an on-chain Wikipedia. 

I write on my newsletter EXO, as well as for Lore Machine. My writing explores unseeable worlds and has been widely syndicated.

Here are some of my more well-known stories:

Save As: DNA - A multi-part investigation into DNA data storage

How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the CIA

web3 is in our Nature - Lessons from our natural world on building a decentralized Internet

The Guide to Steganography - A trip through an intentionally unseeable world

Found, Page 25 of the CIA's Gateway Report on Astral Projection

Stretching the Electric Diamond - The Bo Jackson of optoelectronics hits the gym

The Plant With a Pulse
- Venus flytraps & the magnetic field

I produce video exploring our shared future.

Dear Future, - Tomorrow is today

The Most Unknown - Netflix feature film tackling science's most unanswered questions

The Rap Monument - 1 soundscape, 3 cities, 30 MCs

Let's Form Group - The future of community

Phreaked Out - Hacker's field guide

Humans+ - Biohacking Series 

Monkey Island - The lab-tested chimpanzees of Liberia 

Symbiotic - The beautiful and twisted relationship between man and nature

Sound Builders - Re-think noise

Electric Independence - Inside the minds of the world's greatest electronic artists

Upgrade - Higher tech for humankind

Hello World - Technology's untold origin stories

Connected - SciFi short with Pamela Anderson

Speed Daemons - The future of hauling ass

Music Videos for Zeds Dead and Sebastien Tellier


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