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Hundreds of Out-of-Body Experiences micro-inscribed on to the missing page 25 from the CIA's Gateway Report.

Just Look Closer.


‘The Gateway’ is a high-resolution reinterpretation of the missing page 25 from the formerly classified CIA's Gateway Report on astral projection. It contains 659 digital micro-inscriptions of reader-submitted Out-Of-Body Experience accounts, only visible at 300% magnification.

'The Gateway' NFT is a minted 1/1 46.7MB JPEG. It comes with an encrypted digital shoebox containing: 1) The full original report, 2) A hyper-high res TIFF, 3) The original two Gateway articles, 4) Stand-alone imagery/pdfs/gifs, 5) All my research materials, 6) A library of vintage and cutting-edge audio gems, 7) Documentation of my production process, 8) A directory of Out-Of-Body Experiences and 9) A first look at the Next Wave.

Artist - Thobey Campion
Collaboration - Ben Palmer

Printing - Alex Gonzales, Control LA
Perforation - Zane Keysey
Photography - Ben Pier

Remote Production - Adrian Buitenhuis

Studio/Gear - On The Mark Media

Scanning - The Icon LA

Muscle - Jon Lutzky

Zoom Tech - Smart in Media / EasyZoom
Literary Reworksmanship - Jason Koebler
Foundation Partner - Mind Science

Spirit Guidance - Jesse Meighan

Special thanks to Jenny Whedbee at The Monroe Institute and all the travelers who shared their stories.
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