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The first 4th-Dimensional NFT
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Artist - Thobey Campion
Collaboration - Ben Palmer
Printing - Alex Gonzales, Control LA
Perforation - Zane Keysey
Photography - Ben Pier

Remote Production - Adrian Buitenhuis

Studio/Gear - On The Mark Media

Scanning - The Icon LA

Muscle - Jon Lutzky

Auction Partner - SuperRare
Zoom Tech - Gigapixel / Active Computer Services

Literary Reworksmanship - Jason Koebler
Foundation Partner - Mind Science

Spirit Guidance - Jesse Meighan

Special thanks to Jenny Whedbee at The Monroe Institute and all the travelers who shared their stories.

In 1983, the CIA produced a classified report testing the achievability of astral projection.
It was declassified in 2003.
A crucial page was missing. 

In February, I investigated the backstory.

Tens of thousands of folks from around the world emailed me their astral travels.
One day, the missing page showed up.

It contains a unifying vision of quantum physics, spirituality and self-understanding.

'The Gateway' is a high-resolution image of the missing page 25, containing 658 digitally micro-inscribed astral projection experiences. 

It is being released on SuperRare alongside
the debut of an industry-first lossless NFT zoom tool built by Gigapixel.

Part of the proceeds go to Mind Science, a foundation that explores the mystery of human consciousness by funding the work of early-career neuroscientists.

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